My mission to take over the world of beauty

Welcome to It all began with KianaBeauty on YouTube until I realized a blog would compliment the videos while allowing me to write. Welcome to my world.

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Now, I am not your normal Beauty Blogger. Most days I cannot apply my foundation without it becoming cakey but I am learning and that is what this blog is about. My journey learning, failing, and continuing to move forward regardless of what anyone says about my skills.

I originally used makeup as my ‘war face’ for situations where I felt uncomfortable. Makeup disarmed those around me so I felt in control.

I am more confident with who I am today than 5 years ago when I discovered Michelle Phan and my makeup journey began.

I am a big geek and gamer. That means you will see Cartoon Makeup Tutorials, Game Reviews, and Comic Con related themes.

Enough babble, what will you learn here? What’s in it for you? Aside from beauty tutorials, reviews, and hacks; you will learn confidence, how to find happiness in your life, your career, and live the most fulfilling life you can imagine. I strive to inspire you, thrill you, and open your mind to the beautiful world we live in. Welcome to Kiana Beauty World.