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How to follow your New Year’s Resolutions

KianaBeautyWorld How to Follow New Year's Resolutions

Everyone has a new year resolution, right? Lose weight? Conquer a goal? Everyone knows on January 1st, the gyms fill with people trying to lose that holiday weight. A few months later, the gyms are back to normal. My resolution was to start this blog! I guess I’ve accomplished that.

How do you stick to new year resolutions? How did I stick to my 2017 new year resolutions?

Step 1:

Write down your goals. It is easier to follow something if you have it out of your mind. You can transfer this to a digital platform like evernote later.

Step 2:

Create a timeline for when you would like to accomplish these tasks. For example: I wanted to have this blog up by the end of January. This blog went live on January 28th, 2017.

Step 3:

Work backwards from your goals and break them into smaller steps. For example: I broke down beginning a blog into:

  • Research blog articles and how to start a blog
  • Brainstorm focus and niche
  • Decide on name (This part was pretty easy since I already had a YouTube channel)
  • Buy a domain and find a host
  • Get ad networks set up
  • Decide on theme and customize
  • learn about SEO and how to optimize my posts
  • Write a few posts
  • Go Live!

I broke these steps into maybe one or two a week and scheduled them for an hour or two each during that week. This is important so you don’t get overwhelmed like me. Know your limits!

Step 4:

Ask for help. Whether it is from a friend, loved one, or online buddy. You have discipline but temptation and laziness can step in so you should have someone to hold you accountable.

Step 5:

Kick %&^! It will be hard but you can do it. If you need extra help, search on YouTube for motivational videos made by ordinary people. They are fantastic! I usually listen to them on my way to work if I feel down or am losing my drive.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

Let me know what your 2017 New Year Resolutions are! I am always here if you need help or more motivational videos.





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